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About This Course

HR COURSE OVERVIEW hr course in Egypt

This important Human Resources course gives you a thorough understanding of human resource management. It involves many different functional fields that make up the field of Human Resource Management, such as human resource management, planning, recruiting and selection, compensation and benefits, and performance appraisal, as well as development and training.


Certified By  “American Human Resources Institute”

American Human Resources Institute

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Learning Objectives

1. Recognize the significance of human resource management in the workplace.
2. Recognize the essential roles of Human Resource Management
3. Set up a Human Resource Planning System
4. Recognize the significance of recruitment and selection.
5. Describe the various forms of compensation and benefits plans.
6. Create a strong performance appraisal system.
7. Recognize the importance of training and development in the workplace


  • This lesson walks you through various marketing funnels and provides helpful tools and tips to help ensure your own Objectives are realistic.
  • Before any marketing campaign or tactic can be launched, tracking needs to be in place, so you'll get an introduction to the incredible tool that is Google Analytics as well as learn about UTMs

Target Audience

  • This course is designed for Fresh Graduates, HR coordinator, and Personnel.
  • Newly hired HR staff.
  • Senior and middle level managers in finance, production, operations, and marketing.
  • Managers who have several responsibilities, like HR, but do not have a specific HR position.
  • Experienced managers who are new to HR or looking for a new opportunity.


6 Lessons2h 30m

Module 1: The HR role in the organization context

History of Human Resources Firstly: Strategic HR Management Secondly: Planning model Strategy Thirdly: Role of Human Resources Fourthly: Organizational Functions Lastly: Organization Culture
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Module 2: Resourcing talents

Firstly: Planning Staff Needs Secondly: Recruitment Sources Thirdly: Selection Methods Lastly: Recruitment KPIs

Module 3: Performance Management

Firstly: Performance Management Concepts Secondly: Performance Management Vs Appraisal Thirdly: Appraisal Methods Fourthly: Quantitative measurable methods (KPI, & OKR) Lastly: Motivation Theories

Module 4: Reward Management

Firstly: Reward Management Definition Secondly: Financial & non-financial Rewards Thirdly: Time-based & performance-based rewards Fourthly: Payroll Cycle & Terminologies Fifthly: Social Insurance & Taxes calculation Sixthly: Equity Theory Lastly: Incentives system

Module 5: Training & Development

Firstly: Importance of training Secondly: Andragogy vs. Pedagogy Thirdly: Learning Styles Fourthly: Induction Program Fifthly: ADDIE Model Sixthly: Coaching & Mentoring Lastly: Personal Development Plans

Module 6 : Personnel

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Duration 2.5 hours
6 lectures

Material Includes

  • Videos
  • Booklets