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About This Course

The project management course enhances the quality of project management, whether small or large in various fields and industries, and provides best international practices that increase the success rate of projects and avoid costs that may cause the project to close or take the project more time than planned.

The importance of project management certificates:
• It is one of the most Important and respected certificates globally. It does not have a specific specialization, with its distinction in increasing the student with a package of technical and managerial skills.
• Ranked as the fourth most requested certificate around the world in 2006.
• It has a wide demand now in The Middle East Because expansions at the level of different sectors and Industries, especially Egypt.
• It is a basic requirement for some jobs in many international and multinational organizations.
It is a condition for obtaining promotion in some companies to ensure the availability of skills that qualify for professional excellence.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the training course, the trainees will be able to:
• Studding PMP Preparation course will help you to pass the PMP Exam efficiently and effectively.
• Learn all knowledge areas and project parts from initiation to closure and ensure the success of the project.
• Methods of evaluating projects and the project's relationship with the strategic objectives of the institution.
• Estimating the human resources required for the success of the project.
• Learn about (Agile Project Management) methods
• Identify leadership skills and project team formation and management skills.
• Writing a business scope statement for the project.
• Develop a WBS for a project.
• Estimating activity periods, creating a project schedule, and setting an appropriate budget.
• Learn about contracts used in agile and traditional projects
• Analyzing and evaluating project risks and reducing and managing risks.
• Ability to monitor, control and close projects.


  • PMP Students most be graduated and hold bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Target Audience

  • • executives and managers who are looking for excellence.
  • • All officials from all departments and various units in the organizations.
  • • Top Management Level.
  • • Directors of departments, heads of departments, their assistants, and deputies.
  • • All senior leaders in organizations.
  • • Administrative staff, supervisors.
  • • Who Responsible for planning and continuous development and team leaders.
  • • Project and program managers, agents, and investment portfolio managers.
  • • Employees and specialists of the Department of Public Relations and Media.
  • • Those who wish to develop themselves and raise the level of their efficiency and effectiveness.



Project Management Framework

Project Scope Management

Project Cost Management

Project Schedule Management

Project Quality Management

Project Communication Management

Project Risk Management

Project Resources Management

Project Procurement Management

Project Stakeholders Management

Social and Professional Responsibilities

Project Integration Management

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Duration 40 hours

Material Includes

  • The Learning Model the Trainer Uses Up-To-Date Training Techniques and A Variety of Training Methods, To Give All Participants the Best Opportunities for Learning, Including:
  • • Class Session
  • • Group Discussions
  • • Simulations Exercises
  • • Case Studies and Problem-Solving Exercises
  • • Individual Assignments
  • • Templates And Tools
  • • Video content
  • • Books & References