Recruiting Great Job Candidates: Top Tips


Recruiting Great Job Candidates: Top Tips

Recruiting Strategy is a set of steps that will assist you in identifying, attracting, and hiring the best applicants for your open positions. There are some simple starting points for finding the work seekers you’re searching for. They range from simple strategies like posting work openings on job boards to more sophisticated strategies, using a conventional recruitment firm, or establishing an employee referral program. Recruitment and selection tactics may be used at any stage of the hiring process.

1. Social Media

Social media is an excellent platform for recruitment. You can exchange job listings with your entire network using social hiring, which facilitates a two-way conversation. Even if the people you contact aren’t interested in the position you’re looking for. Furthermore, you offer prospective candidates an insight into your company culture by sharing photographs and videos from company activities, your workplace, and day-to-day office life that fit with your employer brand.

2. Applicants should be treated as consumers

A candidate’s first impression of your business is important, whether it’s a phone screening, video interview, or in-person interview. It’s important to give them the impression that you’re as enthusiastic about getting to know them as they are about being considered for the role. Treating interviewees the same way you handle customers is one of the most effective recruitment strategies.

  • Be considerate of their time. Always be on time, whether it’s for a phone call, video chat, or in-person meeting. If you’re going to be late, notify the candidate as soon as possible.
  • Be welcoming. When an applicant shows up for an onsite interview, ask if they want something to drink and direct them to the restrooms. Make them feel at home.
  • Provide your contact details to prospective applicants so they can contact you with questions or concerns at any time during the recruiting process.

3. Make appealing work descriptions

One of the most critical aspects of the recruiting strategy process is writing a compelling and comprehensive job description.

  • Make as descriptive title as possible. The more precise your title, the more likely you are to spark the attention of the most talented and interested work candidates.
  • Begin with a compelling summary. Provide a summary that gets job seekers’ interest in the position and the business.
  • Be sure to provide the basics. Write down the main roles, hard and soft skills, and day-to-day tasks, as well as how the job fits into the business.
  • Keep your explanations short and sweet.

4. Set a S.M.A.R.T recruitment goal

  1. Specific: Start by describing your recruitment target.
  2. Measurable: Create individual KPIs to monitor the progress of this target over time.
  3. Achievable: Make sure that you have the tools you’ll need to complete the task.
  4. Realistic: Is this target in line with other company goals?
  5. Time-based: When do you intend to complete this task?

5. Build Your Company Page

Until applying for work, several people conduct research on employee ratings, salary records, benefits, and other factors. HRIB Page contains all of this material. A Company Page is available for all businesses that have jobs on HRIB. You can respond to feedback, customize your website, and add your employer branding by claiming your Company Page.

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